What We Offer

Our service models are designed to be fast, clean and efficient. We believe that the most important part of what we do is to keeping equipment working, and all our systems and processes are engineered to maximize forklift uptime.

Direct To You:

On-site Installation

Interfit offers you the convenience of tire replacement directly at your location.

Assemblies On Demand

Interfit provides assemblies on demand, a wheel exchange offering, to customers who are looking to reduce truck downtime and the convenience of installing tires by themselves.

At Our Service Centers:

Tire Pressing

Interfit has the capability to perform service on forklift tires ranging in a wide variety of sizes.


We offer foam-filling for pneumatic tires (installation available on certain sizes, contact us for details).


We offer a wide selection of quality tires delivering exceptional value. Find Forklift Tires